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Beard care

Beard care is an important part of the image of the modern man, and our men’s barber shop provides a full range of beard care services. We offer quality haircuts and beard shaves, as well as the creation of a style that will emphasize your individuality.

Our professional barbers are experienced with all types of beards. Our beard trimming service includes shaping, trimming and styling the beard, as well as trimming the contours. We use professional beard trimming and styling tools, as well as razors to create a smooth and clean line of contours.

Our team is ready to offer you professional beard care tips and tricks to help you keep your beard healthy and beautiful at home.

How often should you professionally groom your beard?

The frequency of professional beard care depends on the length, type and condition of your beard, as well as your individual preference for beard care. The general rule is to visit a men’s barber shop for professional beard grooming about once every 2-4 weeks to keep your beard healthy and beautiful.

If you have a short beard, then you may need to visit the barber more often, for example, once every 1-2 weeks, to maintain shape and contour.

However, it is important to remember to groom your beard at home, as this will help keep your beard healthy and beautiful between barber visits.

Beard care Kassel. Why is it important to entrust a beard to a specialist?

Barber shop masters have professional knowledge and experience in beard care. We offer the right care for different types of beards and skin, as well as help you find a personal cut and styling style that suits you.

Our barbershop is located in Kassel and you can easily make an appointment with us by phone and we will help you arrange an online term for beard care.